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2014 Smithfield Sprint Triathlon…Race Report

It was a beautiful day for a triathlon, 70 degrees and sunny. Once again Setup Events put on an awesome and very well organized event held at The Luter Family YMCA in Smithfield, VA…300m pool swim, 10-mile bike, and 5k run.


It was a late start race, 10am, so we drove down the morning of from Stafford. For 569 participants to embark upon a small town YMCA, you would think that the parking and traffic would be a nightmare, but not-at-all. We arrived at 9:00am and parked right across the street from the Y. Seriously… Setup Events has event organization down to a tee. I met up with my Training Partner, Jesse Mastrom (TriFitJesse), picked up my packet, and setup my transition area all within 30 minutes. My swim time was at 11:05am, so I had just over an hour before my start. Tossed down a pack of Power Bar Energy Blasts about 15-minutes before the swim.



For those who have not done a pool swim before, here’s how it’s done. During registration you’ll enter your estimated 100m-swim time, which, for this event, will place you into 1 of the 5 categories listed below:

0:50 – 1:20 : Super Fast: In contention to win the race and you swim competitively.
1:21 – 1:45 : Fast Enough: Still starting in the first 1/3 of the event. (my group)
1:46 – 2:10 : Average Swimmer: Swim well enough and don’t need to stop at the end of each lane.
2:11 – 2:44 : Novice: Still getting used to this thing called triathlon.
2:45 – 4:59 : Complete beginner: I want to start at the back.

Swimmers enter the water one-by-one, in order of bib #, and begin swimming every 10-15 seconds. After each set of 40 swimmers there is a break to clear the lanes. The swim is done in a snake pattern through the lanes and passing is allowed but can be tricky. If you are fast enough to catch the person in front of you, gently tap their feet to communicate that you want to pass. You’ll need to pass on left, but being cautious of the swimmer coming the other way.

 Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 7.19.34 AM

My dislike about a pool swim is that there are those that believe they swim much faster than they actually do. I was #224. The person in front of me and behind me chose wisely, however I found myself having to pass two people during the swim and catching up with the feet of a third at the end. Your swim order, and the swim time selected by those around you can greatly affect your swim time, which in-turn affects your overall swim time. Swim Time: 05:32.


Hopped out of the pool and ran to the transition area, on the wrong side of the racks, went under the bar, shoes, sunglasses, helmet, out. That was it. T1 Time: 01:12.


Ran out of transition, hit lap on my Garmin 910xt, jumped on the bike, and then realized that my Garmin was in swim mode…WHAT?!?! For a girl who needs to know what her numbers are, this was not going to work. It definitely hurt my time on the bike when I slowed a bit to switch to bike mode. This was a quick 10-mile course with small rollers.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 6.40.48 AM

During the pre-race meeting, the event organizers note a steep incline after the sharp left turn onto Bethany Church, which is not quite as steep as made out to be. I pushed through the course, averaging around 20mph. A BIG mistake, however, was underestimating the need for water on the bike since it was only 10 miles. The air was dry and so was I. I took a Power Bar Energy Gel at mile 5 which also helped to soothe my dry throat. Bike time: 30:58.


My T2 was not as smooth as T1, which was not smooth either. I had too much going on. Normally it would be shoes, visor, and run out of transition with race belt in hand. However, I needed to drink some water and adjust the mode on my Garmin, adding about 15-30 seconds. Not to mention that my bib ripped on one side, so I ran the course with my number hanging. T1 time: 1:34.


The run was good, not great, but good. My legs felt loose, which I’m attributing to keeping a higher cadence on the bike (90-95), so that was good, but I really believe that I could’ve pushed harder. I wouldn’t call the course hilly, I would say rolling since there aren’t really any big climbs. The run was an out and back 5k, closed to traffic, and through a few neighborhoods. The locals are awesome and cheered as we ran past. Run time: 24:41.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 7.12.38 AM


Setup Events always puts on great events, I have never been disappointed. I was looking for a short and fast, early-season tri to work out the kinks, and I found it. It was a diverse group of participants too, including youth, collegiate, competitive age groupers, and first-timers. I placed 1st in my age group and I will definitely be back next year to PR the course.

IMG_0031Ripped my bib coming out of T2. Yep, I ran like that.


My Pig Trophy!

It’s Rev3 RUSH!!! Press Release.


REV3 Rush Brings New Race Format to REV3 Series

REV3 Rush features amateur and youth racing, relays and a professional event

January 17, 2014 – REV3 Triathlon is bringing the dynamic fast draft-legal format of racing, called REV3 Rush, to the Richmond International Raceway May 24 & 25. REV3 Rush will feature racing for amateurs in a variety of divisions- standard age groups, mixed relays, club/team relays, and youth/juniors.

REV3 Rush is a triathlon distance of 250-meter swim, 5-mile bike, and a 1.25-mile run. The swim will be in two, 25 meter pools in the center of the raceway. The bike will go along the track and allows drafting or riding in a pack.  The run will circle the infield. Each athlete will race a minimum of two races, with various heats through the preliminary heats. The fastest times will then move on to a semi or final heat.  In addition, each athlete has the option of racing in a three person relay which will be included in the athlete’s entry fee.

“When I started triathlons in 2001 I was fortunate enough to be able to compete in the super sprint series that was being run in Australia at the time, there was a steep learning curve but one that I am thankful for.  The skill set you gain from the fast and furious sprint racing is invaluable, and I am excited that Rev3 is offering these same experiences for juniors as well as the pros.” Mirinda Carfrae, 3x World Champion

The dynamic style of this distance of racing is engaging and centered in an arena so to be spectator friendly. Once the heat exits the pool, and is onto the bike, the next heat goes off. The action will be high and the energy full throttle.

“REV3 is thrilled to be offering this experience to all ages and all abilities,” Charlie Patten, President of Rev3 said. “This format and distance allows all abilities to race in a fun and exciting format. This type of racing will bring out the gym triathletes, those used to swimming in pools and riding spin bikes, as well as the road-versatile triathlete. It truly offers all types of athletes the multisport experience.”

The professional race will feature a swim-bike-run-swim-bike-run format, which is the new format for USA Triathlon’s super sprint distance.

“The Greater Richmond area is known for its active lifestyle, and we look forward to partnering with Revolution 3 on this new and unique event at Richmond International Raceway (RIR),” said Dennis Bickmeier. “Being active and having fun with family and friends are key elements of this event, and when you blend that with RIR as the backdrop, this will be one of those must attend, or must try, events.  This will be a great addition to an already very busy 2014 event schedule at RIR.”

Registration will open February 3 for the 2014 REV3 Rush in Richmond. REV3 is looking at two other locations for REV3 Rush for 2014.


Check it out at Revolution Three Triathlon!!

2012 Colonial Beach Sprint Triathlon…Race Report


Living 1 hour away from the race site made it very convenient, as I got to spend the night in my own bed and not worry about the packing my pre-race meal. Hopped in bed around 9p, but unfortunately did not fall asleep until around 11:30p. Alarm went off at 4:15a, had my ritual cup of coffee and cinnamon raisin English muffin, and flew out the door at 4:45a to Colonial Beach. The drive was quick and traffic wasn’t bad.

Race Site:

Colonial Beach is a great venue for a sprint triathlon. There was ample parking for the participants and spectators, plenty of room for the transition area, packet pickup, and post-race meal and awards area. I didn’t feel crowded or packed into a small area. Packet pick-up was very smooth and fast. Participants were able to pick up their packets the night before or the morning of. By the way, the swag wasn’t bad for a little sprint.

The transition area was a grassy area set up by race number and there was plenty of room for each person to have their own space. I was very happy with the room I had to set up.


Could not have asked for a better swim venue. The beach was a little pebbly, but mostly thick-grained sand that didn’t stick to your feet requiring you to rinse in T1. The water temp was a toasty 84 °, NO WETSUITS. It was a great day to tryout my new Zoot Ultra Speedzoot Race Suit in race conditions. The swim course was well-marked in 250m segments moving counterclockwise. The current wasn’t too strong, just a little choppy. I had heard of there being a problem with jellyfish in years past, but luckily we had no problems this year.

I started in the middle of the group, knocked around a bit between other swimmers. I had an issue getting into a good breathing rhythm at first, but was good by the first buoy. Moving across from the first to the second buoy I felt the current moving into the shore and breathing on my left resulted in mouthfuls of water. Pace picked up as I rounded the last buoy as the current was now working with me.

Overall I feel that I had a good swim being the 6th out of the water in my wave. The Speedzoot was definitely a great investment. I was confident in the water and felt like I was gliding through, no drag. The Speedzoot came off very quickly and easily, probably helped that I used Tri Glide before I put the suit on.

What I would do differently?

I would start on the right side of the group so that I would be on the inside, closest to the buoys. I will work on my breathing technique to get into my rhythm a little sooner.


The run to the transition area was not very far, I should have run a little harder. As I had said earlier about the beach the sand did not stick to your feet. I had a rinse bottle but didn’t need to use it. Slid the speed suit off and my bike equipment on. The run to the bike mount area is a rocky driveway-like area with grass on either side. I stayed of the rocks protecting my tires. I ran with my bike shoes on, but I think that I would do better to practice getting on the bike with the shoes on the bike.

What would I do differently?

Not much. Overall my T1 time wasn’t too bad, but running with shoes off may have helped. My setup in T1 works well and I got my gear on quickly.


Fantastic bike course! The course was fast, a few slight rolls and false flats. The roads were conditions were excellent. The local law enforcement controlled the traffic very well, but I did not like that the roads were open to traffic. It made it difficult to pass having to pay attention to upcoming vehicles.

My average speed was just over 20mph, I had the 2nd fastest bike split in my age group (30-34). I am very happy with my bike leg. I used a Gu half way through the bike for it to kick in for the run.

What would I do differently? 

As I said about my T1, I need to learn how to mount and dismount leaving my shoes on the bike. I think this will increase my transition times. Other than that, I wouldn’t change anything.


I moved pretty quickly through T2. I have a good setup and got my gear on quickly.

What would I do differently?

T2 was good to go, no changes.


The run course was great, flat and fast. Out and back, I had the coast on one side and a residential area on the other. The course is mostly pavement with some sidewalk.

The run for me was painful. I started out with a cramp on my right side. My legs also felt like bricks. I ran through the pain and it luckily went away by the turnaround. I was able to pick up my pace after that but my time was awful compared to my usual pace.

What would I do differently?

I will definitely make sure to take in more salt and water before to avoid cramps during the run. I’m also going to try some more stretching which may help with my legs feeling so heavy going into the run.

Overall the race was well-organized from beginning to end. Every part of the race and setup ran smoothly without problems or at least none that were noticed. The swim, bike, and run course were perfect for a sprint triathlon. There were many enthusiastic volunteers at the race. Kudos to SetUp Events for a successful race!!!Image