2013 Quantico Triathlon…The Race Report


Surprise…surprise, rain was in the forecast. Once again Mother Nature has blessed me with a rainy day to compete in. Not only was it raining, it was cold. It was cold in August! What the heck?! However, regardless of the weather I had an awesome experience. It was quick and it was fun. For an inaugural race, it went off without a hitch.


Hanging out with my daughter before the race.


There wasn’t much pre-race for me for this race since it was right down the road from me on Marine Corps Base Quantico. Luckily, I train on these roads and in this pool all the time, so I knew the course well.


This was my first-ever pool swim triathlon, and I was very unclear as to how the swim was organized. Thank you Set Up Events for providing us with clear pre-race instruction.

The swim was only 400 yards, setup in 25-yard lap wide lanes for triathletes to serpentine through. Up and back in the first lane, under the rope, and then repeat. Athletes were numbered by the time they estimated during their registration. I overestimated my swim finish time by over a minute, so I had to pass a few people.


Transition was setup in the parking lot just outside the gates of the pool. Transition was quick and easy.


Once again I’m riding in the rain. However I know this course well, these are my training grounds. The bike course has a few short hills and some small rollers, but for the most part it’s a fast 9-mile course. The roads are a bit rough and bumpy, with a few holes, which were well marked by the Marine Marathon staff.


My bike-to-run transition was fast. Funny story…I put my running shoes in a bag so they wouldn’t be wet for the run that lasted about 2 minutes after putting them on


The 5k-run course was mostly flat with a lot of puddles. There go my semi-dry shoes. I had a comfortable run. Flew by the aid station at mile 1, no need, I think I got enough rainwater anyway. With a woman from my age group on my tails, just seconds behind me, I ran hard through the finish line.


As with all of my races this year was rainy, but a lot of fun. For an inaugural race, Marine Marathon with the help of Setup Events did a fantastic job! Regardless of the weather, the volunteers were out there with smiles on their faces. Placed 1st in my age group.


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